At Santa Monica Postal Place our Mailboxes serve you whether you have a home-based business or if you are a frequent traveler and need an address in Santa Monica, or if you have recently moved in the area and need a stable mailing address...

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1626 Montana Ave
Sant Monica, CA 90403

Next to the One West Bank

Phone: 310 266-9110
Fax: 310-961-3248


Santa Monica Postal Place

Santa Monica Postal Place is a reliable postal company with many years of experience. Our main goal is to meet our clients needs and perform in the best and most reliable way possible. Top priority of ours is confidentiality and credibility. We do want to have our clients absolutely satisfied and their packages safely kept and handed to them personally.
We at Santa Monica Postal Place are able to keep your package in private mail boxes until you personally pick it up or give us instructions on what you would wish to do with it. We are accessible from all over the world, so you can be served competently and effectively. Our address can be found on our site, and you can be assured that you will have 24/7 access and worldwide mail forwarding.

Please know that we pack and ship anything you wish to anywhere you wish and we are interrelated with other shipping companies, so you can get your job done the quickest and most trustful way.

We provide our services for many years now. We are cooperating with many well known and acknowledged firms, like laws firms, businesses as well as locals and people of the entertainment business and many many others.

We take great care of your goods or documents, which you trust to us. We keep them in separate boxes, well locked up and secured till you have them in your hands or send them anywhere else you need to. Our experience has made us the best in our kind, especially in following up the course of the parcel or package, so you can be informed on where your package is at any given time.

Make an appointment to meet us in person, explain to us the variety of your work field and let us help you with all your concerns on your packages delivery or safe keeping. Personal conduct is always much better for you to see who we are and what we can do for you, and moreover feel that you can trust us unconditionally. Either way, if you need more information, please call us to explain to you how we work and what we are able to offer you as a service.

Santa Monica Postal Place is here to help you with your work and take out all your stress on how your package or envelope will be kept safe and sound. Contact us today!