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24/7 Access to your Mail

When starting in Santa Monica Postal Place, we thought deeply about the quality of our services, in our attempt to offer the best possible treatment and high quality private services to our potential clients. Security, privacy and above all, decent services 24/7 per week, are the main features of our work.

Highly demanding rhythm of modern life has left no choice, but to elevate our services and the whole package of offers we have to the greatest level of services a potential client could ever imagine. This is why we do our best so you can have constant access to you mail, day or night, following in this way your mail�s sending and deliverance, nonstop.

It is with great responsibility that we handle your precious personal data, so as your mail and or packages are delivered safe and sound, protected from any unwanted violation of data or content. We fully understand your need of constant information about the course of a mail or a package you might wait for or have send to a recipient, so we offer constant information about the article, in order to have you pleased and above all feel secure and protected.

So, renting a private mailbox at Santa Monica Postal Place benefits you with security and confidence that your mail will be constantly followed up and information about that will be send to you via e-mail or on the phone, so as you know every single detail with regard to your delivery or shipment.

Apart from individual citizens, small businesses or big corporations can also be very effectively facilitated with their mail and the following up, since we know very well that the bulk of work does not permit long hours of waiting for information or other type of inconvenience. All our major clients can verify that. Any information needed, can be at your disposal, upon request.

This is exactly how we would like to be treated in an equivalent position, so our basic criteria, is treat your clients as you would wish to be treated and respected yourself. This is why our personnel�s shifts are scheduled in a way so they can give you information on your mail 24/7; because we deeply understand the nature of the business. Time and confidentiality are above all and are indisputable for us! Ask for more information at any given time and you will receive a detailed quote, 24/7 as well!