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Fax Sending and Receiving

One of the services we can also offer you and help you operate your office, even if you are miles away, perhaps on a business trip, is fax sending and receiving. Whether you own a small business or you are an individual and you are in need of fax machine use, we can handle your bulk of work and help you out, always with affordable rates.

You can also give our fax number to your clients and have your faxes received in our store where you can pick them up, all protected. Feel free to ask us more information on how we cooperate with many individuals and businesses on that field too.

Local, domestic and international faxes can all be served in our store. We can also provide you with a printed confirmation for your records that your fax has been sent, so that you can be sure that everything has been performed correctly.

We can of course forward any fax you have received in our store to anywhere you wish. We can operate as a mid office for you and serve your needs, taking trouble and time wasted out of your schedule.

Please be sure that everything is handled with absolute confidentiality in our store, that is we take care of your business with great respect to you and your business. Privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, so you have to know that any data you will give us, names, phone numbers, addresses, etc, will be treated with absolute respect and will be kept in our store only for you to use them. No one else will have access to this type of data.

Thus you just have to give us instructions on what you need us to do with your fax and or any other type of service you want us to provide you with. Then we will follow your instructions, completely as they will be given to us. In the end we notify you about the entire course of the procedure, so as you know every step of the way, on whether your fax has reached its destination or not and ask you what else you need us to do for you. Please call us for more consultation.