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I had been waiting for a parcel to come for my son from his father, who is in military service in Afghanistan. It was his Christmas present and I wanted him to have it before December 25th. My husband sent it and I realized it was taking long to arrive. I called him and told him the parcel was not here and Christmas was approaching. A friend of mine told me about Santa Monica Postal Place and this is how I met these wonderful people. I gave the address to my husband, he sent the package again and there in was on December 23rd! I was so pleased my son knew his father had not forgotten him.

Elizabeth Brown School Teacher

Santa Monica Postal Place was so helpful to me when I lost a very significant script I had to read in a very short time. I gave their address to the production company, and asked them to send the script there so I could receive it again. I was so anxious not to lose it again and get in trouble for the second time. The production company called them, they were so helpful, that they became their clients too. I got my script in my hands safe and sound. I am actually reading my part at the moment. I was so thankful to them. They really took a burden off me.

Patricia Jensen Actress

I was under a lot of stress always waiting for letters with very significant law documents in them. Twice already they had been lost, and I was so anxious to have them safely in my hands. I saw Santa Monica Postal Place website and called them to see if they can help with my stressful situation. They were more than helpful, they explained to me the whole procedure and we had our first assignment together. I was so pleased and satisfied; they kept my envelopes intact and safe for as long as I needed. The feedback from my clientele was great. I became a regular and never went back. Thank you Santa Monica Postal Place.

Cole Hancock Lawyer