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Collating, binding and laminating

At Santa Monica Postal Place we offer some other services needed by many companies, individuals, students and many more. People come to us, because they need to have some papers collated together so as they form a pack of copies to use them in i.e. meetings, conventions or even to bind together their paper for the University or their thesis.

Our collating machine can put together your work or study and you can have your work greatly presented and in perfect shape. It is really awful to have your papers being all mixed up and get confused when you have an important meeting or presentation. Come to us to get your pack all tied up and feel free to use it as you like, without worrying about this getting mixed up.

Whether you work on your own, or for a big firm or you are a student, we can cover every need of yours, by collating and binding your presentation or your survey or your paper.

Another service we offer is laminating anything you need. You may wish to laminate photos of yours or your family’s or of a member that is no longer with you and their photos is a treasure for you. Call us to give you more information or even better come to us to show you more on the quality of the materials we use and on how we can be at your service. This way you will see for yourself what we can offer you and trust us with anything valuable you wish to have collated or laminated.

Our machines are brand new and we can guarantee you that you will have the best results possible. Call us for more information or even better come to us to show you what we can do for you at Santa Monica Postal Place.