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Creating Business Identity

Apart from the logo design and branding, talked about in the previous button, another big issue for a company or a product is the creation of a business identity. The whole notion of a business identity, basically and usually, consists of the visual devices used within the company itself. Another element that these devices are combined with is the guidelines of the company. This is all about the image of the identity, that is how the identity is spread out via various mediums, with the use of color palettes, fonts, layouts, etc. The whole image has to be proved as being coherent, and this is exactly the factor that plays the leading part in making your company recognizable.

Our experts is Santa Monica Postal Place and in Website design LA, form with great care and inspiration you own logo (which will be the symbol or your identity), your stationary (letterhead, envelopes, etc), offering in this way a complete business identity for your company or product. Then, Flyers, brochures, websites, product and packaging come to complement the whole project and create a unique synthesis for your company. Thus the whole synthesis, of the above elements, creates and establishes an identifiable mark which is of course represented in your logo.

Now we will explain to you a few things about business identity and how it is built and works, so as you understand a little bit better how we work and what we have to offer you. Our team of experts designs all the branding elements and creates a whole look of you business identity, but this is strongly related to what you wish to carry out as a message for you and your company and the place your company has within its field.

This is very important because it defines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your company which will have to be taken seriously in consideration, since we both aim at the same target, to increase traffic towards to your company and thus increase your income. 
Consequently all our work with you should include all these procedures plus reviews on what the business aims to accomplish, how it delivers products and services, which is the main reason of the company�s foundation, and in what ways it is different from the competitors.