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Private Mailbox Rentals

The most efficient way to have your mail and packages sent and received all over the world is renting a private mail box. This is the safest way to handle your mail and your personal or professional conducts in the USA and abroad. Private mail box rental is a practice widely spread all over the world, offering so many solutions of safety, security and convenience for private citizens as well as big corporations. 21st Century is here and offers you the best solutions you can opt for your mail. You might have thought Why should I rent a Private Mailbox?� Here are some good reasons you have to make this choice� First of all you have a private spot, a Street Address instead of a P.O Box, so you can keep you personal or business mail and or packages. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance, so a private box renting in Santa Monica Postal Place is the best solution. You can by all means have a 24 access to your mail, which gives you the choice to operate on your business issues every hour of the day or night. In case you are moving to a new place, you can always have a certain postal address to receive your mail and have it safely delivered to you. Our mail box lobby is lit and secured 24/7, plus you can check your mail free! The same goes in cases you have reconstruction works in your home. Santa Monica Postal Place can provide you with a certain address to have your mail delivered and forwarded to the place you wish, daily, weekly or otherwise on demand. Your mail or packages is likewise safely treated, in case you are travelling in or out of the country. It is safely kept, you can be informed any minute you wish by mail, and we can forward it to you, wherever you are. Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, Post office, we cooperate with all of these services, so you can have your mail delivered safely anywhere you wish so. You can also use a private mail box in case you do a lot of shopping online! Our special offers in Santa Monica Postal Place will enable you to have your parcels-packages safely delivered to you or forwarded to you if you are living out of the country. Ask for further information on our special offers for packages sent abroad. Last but most important reason and our major goal is that in our private mail boxes, you can have privacy and anonymity beyond any doubt.