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Stationery, cards, envelopes, wishing papers

In our store, at Santa Monica Postal Place, you will find a great variety of stationery goods. Many different wishing cards, for name days, birthdays, mother’s day, and many more other occasions need their own card to accompany a present, a gift or a beautiful bouquet you wish to offer.

We have selected the most beautiful and elegant cards and envelopes you can imagine, so as to meet your needs and fulfill your desires. You may even want to write a beautiful card and leave it on your pillow, for your wife or husband to find it in the morning and just say good morning, or I love you; you will find a great variety of cards and envelopes and small correspondence papers to use for that reason.

Whether you need something simple and plain or you need something more elaborated, we can offer you a variety of many different little sweet notes you can use for the needs of your everyday life.

Moreover if you wish so, we can design a special card for you for a special occasion. You can explain to us what you have in mind and we can create something very special for you and your beloved person. You can be sure that the originality of the project will surely make a great impression. We can also use a photo of your own if you wish so, and print something nice you might wish to say to your closest person, or design invitations for a special event you wish to organize.

Call us for an appointment to show you in person what we can do for you and how we can make real exactly what you have thought for a special event or ceremony you wish to hold.